What Are The Most Common Low Carb Vietnamese Food?

Many people are diet conscious since they are looking out to not add weight from the food they eat. They have a specific low carb diet that they always want to follow. It is not difficult to find that kind of food in the Vietnamese cuisine. All you have to do is know what types of food you can order. What request or option can you get when ordering food in a Vietnam restaurant in Singapore? It is easy to make your food fit into your low carb diet when eating Vietnamese dishes. It has become a trend for many people to live and eat healthy since they understand the benefits of doing so. Most women are diet conscious and a lot of men want to have a leaner body. Here are the most common low car Vietnamese foods:


There are certain types of soup that are high in fat and carb but there are also soups that are low carb. You have to distinguish which onesare low carb. Soups known as CanhCai Chua or pickled vegetable soup and Canh Chua Ca Hoi or sour salmon soup are some example of soup that is low in carbs. There are some powerful smelling ingredients added to the soup such as scallions, garlic, chili peppers, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts aside from the fish stock. You must ask the restaurant server if they add pineapples or tomatoes with Can Cai Chua and Canh Chua Ga if you are ordering them. Tomatoes and pineapples are high in carb.Don’t worry though because not many restaurants use these ingredients with their Canh Chua Ca and CanhCai Chua.

Fried Spring Roll

From the way of cooking, many low carb eaters are already avowing fried spring rolls. Yes, they can be high in carbs and you must know the ingredients that are used to make your fried spring rolls. Some use sugar to balance the acid flavor of the food. Avoid ingredients such as meats that are high on fat in your fried spring roll. They often use fatty meat as their main ingredient so you must be very careful. It would be good to order a fried all vegetable spring roll to be sure.

Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls is way better than the fried ones. Fresh spring rolls often have white fish or shrimp as the main protein. You can be sure that it is not a fatty ingredient. Different herbs and vegetables are added to the fresh spring roll to make it healthier and delicious. Make sure to ask for NuocMam Cham as a dipping sauce and not caramel or something that is sweet. The rice paper used to wrap fresh spring rolls is very thin so you wouldn’t have to worry much about it.


Vietnamese salads are well known to be a wonder food since it is amazingly very healthy. Vietnamese salads is not tossed with dairy, instead it is tossed with the traditional Vietnamese sauce known as Nuoc Mam Cham. It is a pungent smelling fish sauce that wonderfully makes the food delicious. Select a salad version that uses vegetables that are thinly sliced, such as shredded banana leaves, lotus stems, and cabbage as a main ingredient.  You also must select the one with chicken or shrimp as the protein of the salad. Salads such as Goi Tam and GoiGa are one of the best salads. Make sure that they toss it with Nuoc Mam Cham since others toss it with a sweet sauce. When eating at a Vietnam restaurant in Singapore, ask your server to specifically use the fish sauce if you are watching your carb intake.

Actually you wouldn’t have to worry about eating any Vietnamese food since they are all very healthy and mostly contain a lot of vegetables and herbs. You can have the option to eat the dish with as many greens as you want to make you full, instead of filling yourself up with bread and rice. Portions are also very important when you eat. Eat a small portion of the food when you know that it contains carbs. You can take a few bites to satisfy your desire to at the food. Eat bigger portion of vegetables rather than meat. Avoid foods served with caramel or sweet sauce.