Top Reasons to Serve Halal Food in Your Upcoming Event

Many people don’t see the versatility of Halal food. This is because when you mention the word “halal,” the immediate connotation is that it is only for Muslim practices and traditions. But halal food is actually for everybody, not just those following the Muslim religion. In fact, halal food is fast becoming popular these days, not because of its restrictions, but because of its similarities to other diets that offer a healthier lifestyle.

Hence, there are times when it can be tempting to serve halal food during an event or celebration. Why not, right? It is also easier to serve the cuisine nowadays due to the growing number of halal catering in Singapore, so you can immediately contact a restaurant to serve the dishes during your party.

But what exactly should you serve halal food? Below are a few good reasons to do so:

  1. You will be having Muslim guests at the party.

Above anything else, serving halal food in your event is a gesture of respect and courtesy to guests who follow the Muslim practice. They won’t be able to eat dishes that contain pork, entrails, blood, or alcohol, thus these have to be observed so that they would be able to eat and enjoy your dinner.

It is also a must that you serve the dishes with freshly picked ingredients, from the meat used to the vegetable and fruit garnishing, as Halal cooking requires only fresh produce.

  1. You are serving food to health conscious guests.

Aside from Muslim guests, you may also earn the praise of health conscious visitors in your party if and when you opt to serve halal food. This is because compared to non-halal cooking, halal food contains more nutrients that are essential to the body. Since halal cooking follows certain restrictions, items that can be harmful to one’s health, such as high cholesterol and transfat, alcohol and uric acid, are significantly cut down.

  1. You want your guests to go into a gastronomic adventure.

Halal cooking remains to be the dark world of gastronomy, mainly because of its restrictions towards using certain ingredients that have become staples in various cuisines. It can be different, but this serves as an opportunity for your guests to realize that halal cooking can be as versatile as that of other cuisines, and that there are a lot of ways in which you are able to enjoy food that does not contain the elements of pork, entrails, or alcohol.

  1. You want to showcase a menu of world flavours.

Another thing not immediately recognized about halal cooking is that it is not only contained in Persian/Arabic meals, which is a common misconception among diners. In fact, there are other cultures that follow halal cooking in their respective cuisines, but not necessarily Arabic. So yes, you will be surprised to find out that various Asian dishes can also be halal, such as Malay, Indonesian, and sometimes even Thai. Come to think of it, there are also European dishes that are considered halal.

Halal catering in Singapore is becoming well-known among various eaters, and they are being sought after for various events and celebrations. You may follow suit as well, especially if you have the abovementioned considerations in preparing for your event.

When looking at halal cooking, you may also want to choose a specific cuisine or menu to use, and apply the said cooking practice instead. This way, your guests would still be able to enjoy dishes that are familiar to them, but this time from a halal point of view.