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Fine Dealings with the Best Flooring for You

We distinguish three basic types of solid parquet: classic, lam parquet and industrial parquet or so-called can. Classic parquets can be 10 to 22 mm in thickness, and the most common ones are 21 or 22 mm thick. Classic parquet is produced in various lengths and widths depending on the manufacturer, and is most commonly used in parquet construction. There are two variants of finishing. Flooring that is treated after being laid, crushed, painted, painted or oiled … Another variant, somewhat more expensive, is when the parquet is pre-assembled completely in the factory.

The Proper Wooden Part

The wood of classical parquet depends on the type of wood and the manufacturer can be thermally treated or mixed, which besides darker shades gives a higher quality compared to the natural appearance. Lam parquet or parquet flooring is mainly manufactured in thickness of 10 mm, but there are also parquet elements of thickness from 6 to 15 mm. The widths are between 40 and 55 mm, less than 70 mm. Lengths of 200 to 800 mm. With the well known singapore flooring company you can have the best deal now.

Recently there is a very popular industrial parquet or can. It is a massive parquet made up of smaller latches that are joined by adhesive strips into units that are glued to the floor. Kant parquet is made of smaller lamellas, usually 6 to 20 mm wide, thickness 10 to 20 mm and lengths of 200 to 400 mm. Each slat because of its narrow width is different in color, because wood is different in its nature and color.

The luck is that the stain remover is easy to prepare because all the ingredients are at your fingertips. You need half a lemon and vinegar. Mix lemon and vinegar with this liquid gently scrap contaminated marble and for a moment you will regain glow.

  • Make a soft soap that is great for cleaning marble surfaces. You need four tablespoons of soft soap, half a teaspoon of minced chalk, a little saltwater solution and water.
  • Mix a soft cherry with about two tablespoons of soft soap, and then apply it to marble. Let it so for a few hours. Then warm up the water to which you have added saline solution and wash the marble well with this liquid. With the support of the well known part time maid you can have the best deal.

Clean up your hole, garage, and storage. Let your home in every room blush. In these rooms, you often leave a variety of things and so gather up the mess. Settling must be resolved as soon as possible and freeing every room, even these things from the things that are kept, which never again look.